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It is surprisingly easy to look after your furniture and preserving solid wood is more about what you don’t do than performing onerous chores! Always remember that hardwood furniture will boast natural features such as splits and knots. Together with the wonderful grain of the wood, these features ensure that every piece of furniture is truly unique. Splits and knots are not blemishes and so do not need to be corrected.

How to protect your wooden furniture

Any damage to wooden furniture can be irreparable so prevention is certainly far better than cure when it comes to your treasured wood.

How to clean your wooden furniture

As previously mentioned, we do not recommend using regular household cleaning products on hardwood furniture as they can be abrasive and cause damage. For best results:

How to oil your wooden furniture

To maintain your wooden furniture, we recommend oiling or waxing once or twice a year, or when the wood starts to look dry.